Dykehead Mission Hall

Here is a little history of how the Mission Hall was established:

In 1877 two women and a man had a vision of establishing a bible believing church in Shotts they were Lady Colvillie, (Colvillie's Iron & Steel), Mrs. Erskine & Mr. Robert Cullen. Enquires were made and a piece of ground became available and this was purchased and the building commenced as a tin hall. This was completed in 1878 and a dedication service was made and the principals was to "Preach Christ Crucified" and to proclaim thee Glorious Gospel of Christ, (Rev Robert Cullen was the first pastor) and we are pleased and proud to say that this is still the same today.

Throughout the years there has been renovations the first in 1953, then again in 1965, 1971 and then a new extension was added in 1998, which can seat 160. The original hall seated about 70 although I remember more in when we had the Lanarkshire Christian Union Conference this was held about March of each year.

We had a strong association with, Harthill Penticostal Church, Benhar Evangelical Church, Stoneyburn Penticostal Church, Shotts Babtist Church, Kilsyth Assembly of God, and these just to name a few. Many speakers and deputations attended over the years with likes of Duncan Donaldson, Peter Duncan, Billy Kennedy, David Weir, and many more. The Faith Mission played a big part in our mission with Harry Spain (1964) and more will be added ....

If you have any memories that you wish to share with us please get in contact and we would be glad to share them